• Air-Hydraulic Scissors Lift

    Designed for applications where 3-axis travel is not required and existing spray booths lack structural integrity.

    • Rail guided X-axis travel allows the operator to concentrate on the task at hand rather than steering around obstacles.

    • Pneumatic power source makes lift safe for use in paint booths and other hazardous locations. Unit requires 100 PSI at 50 SCFM.

    • Controls - Platform controls consist of a self-centering hand valve for vertical travel at a rate of 15 FPM and a self-centering foot control for X-axis travel at a variable rate of up to 40 FPM.

    • Economical R.O.I. - Increases worker productivity and safety while decreasing workers’ compensation costs due to falls and other injuries.

    • Custom product conversions available upon request.



    • OSHA-Approved shut off/lockout valve

    • Filter regulator lubricator

    • Auxiliary air supply in operator platform

    • Holding valves to prevent descent of lift if hydraulic system fails

    • Emergency stop

    • Z-Axis ground level control station

    • Lift cylinder protected to prevent overspray buildup

    • 12 ft. raised platform height provides safe product access in booths up to 20 ft. high.


  • steerable

    • Controls - Direct acting hydraulics for positive and precise control.

    • Steering - Steering is caster type which affords this machine unsurpassed maneuverability. (LPSV-1932 has 6” inside turning radius, LPSV-2646 has 44” inside turning radius).

    • Extension Deck - a 3’ rollout extension deck. Guardrails are of heavy duty rectangular tubing with a release handle on the guardrail. Rollout capacity 250 lbs.

    • Platform - all steel deck has a slip resistant surface and 6” toe boards. Lanyard attachment points front and rear. Heavy duty rectangular tubing is used for the guardrails.

    • Scissor Arms - The scissor arms are constructed of heavy duty tubular steel with cross bracing tubes at the ends for through shafts. All pivot points fitted with self-lube bushings. Lift cylinder is equipped with a holding valve.

    • Swing out side covers on the base for access to all components.


    All Models Include

    • Pothole Protection - Ground clearance between wheels is reduced to ½” to prevent tipping if a wheel should happen to drop into a hole.

    • 20 F.P.M. lift speed, 25 F.P.M. lowering speed

    • Power source - Compressed air (unit requires clean dry air supply of 80 SCFM at 100 PSI). Note: Actual air consumption dependent on lift duty cycle.

  • dual drive

    Standard & Lateral Drive Modes

    Improves productivity by providing quick, precise and safe access to large equipment, confined spaces and work areas. Lateral 4 wheel drive allows operator to maneuver into places that standard scissor lifts can’t reach.


    • Standard drive mode uses front wheels to drive and steer for minimum turning radius.

    • Lateral drive mode, selected at the flip of a switch, turns all 4-wheels 90 degrees enabling entire unit to travel sideways.

    • Power source is 24 volts DC with (8) six volt batteries and automatic 50A charger.

    • Operator platform of welded steel construction with 42” guardrails and lanyard tie off points in safety plate floor for operator safety.

    • 60 F.P.M. travel speed (fully lowered), 30 F.P.M. travel speed (any raised position in standard drive). 15 F.P.M. travel speed in lateral drive mode.

    • 18 F.P.M. lift/lower speed.


    These units are also availabhle in non-electric fully pneumatic/hydraulic powered versions for use in hazardous environments (compressed air source not included).


    All Models Include

    • Upper control station with E-stop and battery condition indicator.

    • Lower control station to raise and lower platform from ground for safety and maintenance.

    • 24” wide access gate.

    • 14” OD x 5” wide solid rubber tires.

    • Holding valves on lift cylinders to prevent uncontrolled descent of operator platform in event of hydraulic hose rupture or loss of pressure.

    • Hour meter.

    • PLC control system for reliability and ease of troubleshooting.