Standard & Lateral Drive Modes

Improves productivity by providing quick, precise and safe access to large equipment, confined spaces and work areas. Lateral 4 wheel drive allows operator to maneuver into places that standard scissor lifts can’t reach.


• Standard drive mode uses front wheels to drive and steer for minimum turning radius.

• Lateral drive mode, selected at the flip of a switch, turns all 4-wheels 90 degrees enabling entire unit to travel sideways.

• Power source is 24 volts DC with (8) six volt batteries and automatic 50A charger.

• Operator platform of welded steel construction with 42” guardrails and lanyard tie off points in safety plate floor for operator safety.

• 60 F.P.M. travel speed (fully lowered), 30 F.P.M. travel speed (any raised position in standard drive). 15 F.P.M. travel speed in lateral drive mode.

• 18 F.P.M. lift/lower speed.


These units are also availabhle in non-electric fully pneumatic/hydraulic powered versions for use in hazardous environments (compressed air source not included).


All Models Include

• Upper control station with E-stop and battery condition indicator.

• Lower control station to raise and lower platform from ground for safety and maintenance.

• 24” wide access gate.

• 14” OD x 5” wide solid rubber tires.

• Holding valves on lift cylinders to prevent uncontrolled descent of operator platform in event of hydraulic hose rupture or loss of pressure.

• Hour meter.

• PLC control system for reliability and ease of troubleshooting.

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Model #

Working Height

Maximum Floor Height

Overall Height Retracted

Platform Size

Overall Width

Wheel Base

Platform Capacity

Shipping Weight

LPSD-2160 N/A 27’0” N/A 21’0” N/A 7’6” N/A 60”x120” N/A 60” N/A 54”x111” N/A 1200 lbs N/A 6,500 lbs
LPSD-2860 N/A 34’0” N/A 28’0” N/A 8’2” N/A 60”x120” N/A 60” N/A 54”x111” N/A 800 lbs N/A 7000 lbs
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