• Controls - Direct acting hydraulics for positive and precise control.

• Steering - Steering is caster type which affords this machine unsurpassed maneuverability. (LPSV-1932 has 6” inside turning radius, LPSV-2646 has 44” inside turning radius).

• Extension Deck - a 3’ rollout extension deck. Guardrails are of heavy duty rectangular tubing with a release handle on the guardrail. Rollout capacity 250 lbs.

• Platform - all steel deck has a slip resistant surface and 6” toe boards. Lanyard attachment points front and rear. Heavy duty rectangular tubing is used for the guardrails.

• Scissor Arms - The scissor arms are constructed of heavy duty tubular steel with cross bracing tubes at the ends for through shafts. All pivot points fitted with self-lube bushings. Lift cylinder is equipped with a holding valve.

• Swing out side covers on the base for access to all components.


All Models Include

• Pothole Protection - Ground clearance between wheels is reduced to ½” to prevent tipping if a wheel should happen to drop into a hole.

• 20 F.P.M. lift speed, 25 F.P.M. lowering speed

• Power source - Compressed air (unit requires clean dry air supply of 80 SCFM at 100 PSI). Note: Actual air consumption dependent on lift duty cycle.

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Model #

Working Height

Platform Height

Overall Height (Stowed)

Overall Length w/ Hose Reel

Overall Length w/o Hose Reel

Overall Base Width (Stowed)

Inside Turning Radius

Platform Capacity

Shipping Weight

LPSV-1932 N/A 25’ N/A 19’ N/A 79.5” N/A 109.5” N/A 68.5” N/A 32” N/A 6” N/A 500 Lbs. N/A 2,920 Lbs. lbs
LPSV-2646 N/A 32’ N/A 26’ N/A 72” N/A 130” N/A 89” N/A 46” N/A 44” N/A 750 Lbs. N/A 4,680 Lbs. lbs
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