• MK36ess_w_OR6V

    Immersion parts washer designed for the removal of oils, chips and dirt from a wide range of components. It accomplishes this using a simple and rugged pneumatically powered reciprocating platform. The immersion chamber is engineered to adapt a variety of auxiliary items, as required by the application, to heighten the chemical and/or mechanical activity of the cleaning solution.


    Typical Applications

    Removal of oil and chips from machined components, castings and housings.

    Removal of buffing and lapping compounds.

    Cleaning prior to welding, deburring, brazing, or blasting.

    Precision cleaning prior to assembly or final packaging.

    General washing for maintenance, rework and/or remanufacturing.

    Carbon, rust, ink and paint removal.

    Passivation, phosphating, alodine.

    FPI - preclean, FPI process, and post clean.

    Tube washing.

  • aja

    Designed for heavier work loads the Aja-Kleen series is the big brother of the Migi-Kleen series. They are reliable systems with an excellent track history for meeting production requirements for loads up to 2000 pounds.


    Standard features are the same as the Migi-Kleen series but the construction is heavy duty. RAMCO Aja-Kleen Washers are without a doubt the most rugged mechanical agitation systems built.


    Other Standard Features and Benefits

    Heated Aja-Kleen systems are insulated.

    Digital indicating temperature controllers are standard on all heated systems.

    Every electrical panel has a 110 volt control circuit for safety.

    All electric heaters are type 316 stainless steel.

    Aja-Kleens easily able to form multi-stage systems using minimal floor space.

  • MKD24EWD

    Ramco sets the standard for modular washing systems with compact multi station consoles. These systems provide flexible cleaning capabilities and minimize valuable floor space. Each basic system is designed to accept a broad range of auxiliary items, making it adaptable and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

    For example, the MKD24 (below left) is a wash/dry console built for removal of water-soluble oils and some chips from machined components using turbulation and agitation. It includes a hot air knife dryer. The MKD16 (below right) is a console built for precision washing and rinsing of electronic components using turbulation, agitation and ultrasonics for the process. In this way standard systems are custom built for each process.

  • Ramco Automation

    Ramco Automation Systems automatically feed baskets into and through a Ramco immersion system. The automation is designed to handle multiple baskets in synchronous transfer. The transfer mechanism consists of a patented articulating walking beam assembly with pneumatic drive and air-over-oil controls. The arms move left and right on Thomson linear bearings over hardened steel shafts and articulate ninety degrees at the beginning and end of each cycle. The articulating walking beam assembly has multiple shifting arms corresponding to the number of processing stations. Transfer is accurate and smooth.

  • RamcoDryer

    Ramco Hot Air Knife Blow-Off Dryers have been proven to be very effective for rapidly drying parts without using excessive heat. The key to the process is the process elevator. It is used to produce changing flow patterns that result in a dynamic drying mode (i.e. platform oscillation combined with hot air flow). The effect of dynamic flow combination is better coverage of component surfaces, maximum evaporation and accelerated processing times.


    The air is electrically heated, directed into the drying chamber via adjustable air knives and continuously recirculated. The elevator constantly oscillates the workload in and out of the hot air stream. Using high volume hot air combined with the changing airflow patterns created by the process elevator results in maximum evaporation. Humid air is displaced with just the right amount of fresh air to maintain effective air quality within the chamber. The dryer is electrically heated and includes a digital indicating temperature controller, high temperature manual reset and an airflow-proving switch to protect the heaters.