Regenerative Breathing Air Dryers & Purification Systems


The Aircel Ultrapure® 2000 (10 - 60 scfm) breathing air systems are designed to meet or exceed the purity requirements of CGA Grade D and other classifications of breathing air.


Aircel Ultrapure ALG purification systems utilize a seven stage design to assure the highest levels of purity and safety. In addition, these systems feature:

- Cabinet-enclosed, small footprint frames

- Zero-loss drain valves on dual prefilters

- Oversized filters for high surface area and low pressure drop

- Dual-purge lines for system optimization and energy conservation

- Easy installation

- Panel-mounted controls


Aircel Ultrapure® 2000 dryers have been designed to provide Grade D breathing air to low-flow and point-of-use applications. These are compact, modular units that utilize six stages of purification. In addition, Ultrapure 2000 dryers incorporate desiccant cartridges for easy change-out and maintenance.