• AHLD Dryer

    This dyer is based on the traditional twin-tower concept. AirCel is one of a few dryer manufacturers with the engineering and manufacturing capability and experience to design dryer systems of any size – with pressures up to 10,000 psig and volumes up to 20,000 scfm. We can design to NEMA 1, 4, 7, and 12 requirements, as well as to national and special industry codes. One of our specialties is the design of corrosion-resistant stainless steel systems for use in chemical or pharmaceutical applications or for off-shore oil rigs.

  • oilfreepac

    The Aircel Oilfreepac 2000 (3 - 60 scfm) heatless adsorption dryers ensure clean, oil-free and odor-free dry compressed air. This compact system is complete with electronic control unit including integral activated carbon filters for removal of hydrocarbon and other vapors for critical applications. The Aircel Oil-free Pack is ideal for use with an oil-lubricated compressor.

  • Ultrapac 2000 Series

    The Ultrapac 2000 Series of heatless adsorption dryers is a complete purification system including prefilter, dryer, afterfilter, control system, automatic condensate drain and silencer. All components are factory sealed, providing minimum installation requirements for fast start up. The desiccant is supplied in sealed cartridges, providing easy maintenance compared to loose desiccant.

  • ultrapure

    Regenerative Breathing Air Dryers & Purification Systems


    The Aircel Ultrapure® 2000 (10 - 60 scfm) breathing air systems are designed to meet or exceed the purity requirements of CGA Grade D and other classifications of breathing air.


    Aircel Ultrapure ALG purification systems utilize a seven stage design to assure the highest levels of purity and safety. In addition, these systems feature:

    - Cabinet-enclosed, small footprint frames

    - Zero-loss drain valves on dual prefilters

    - Oversized filters for high surface area and low pressure drop

    - Dual-purge lines for system optimization and energy conservation

    - Easy installation

    - Panel-mounted controls


    Aircel Ultrapure® 2000 dryers have been designed to provide Grade D breathing air to low-flow and point-of-use applications. These are compact, modular units that utilize six stages of purification. In addition, Ultrapure 2000 dryers incorporate desiccant cartridges for easy change-out and maintenance.