The F Series mist and dust collector captures coolant smoke, mist and dust from metal finishing and forming processes. Situated directly on or next to machining operation, this free-standing collector is ideal for many ducted processes.

The F Series system uses high performance media filtration to ensure maximum mist/dust collection. This media filtration system has proven reliability and design to withstand your process demands.

Air volumes range from 1,250 CFM to 7,000 CFM depending on its configuration.


Features & Benefits

Motor/Blower—Produces air movement with a complete belt drive motor/blower assembly.
Heavy Duty Fan and Exhaust Damper—Delivers continuous CFM performance for a wide range of processes.
Sloped Bottom—Allows liquid to drain

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Model #

1st Stg Filter Medium

2nd Stg Filter Medium

Filter Area (ft 2)

Inlet Velocity (fpm)

External Static Pressure


Air Volume

Shipping Weight w/ Blower

F5000 N/A Wire Mesh N/A Fiberglass N/A 416 sq. ft. N/A 4,677 (Standard 14? Inlet) N/A 7? ($4,000.00) N/A 10 HP, 230-460/3/60 TEFC N/A 5,000 CFM Nominal N/A 1,850 lbs.
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