• compact



    The BDC Series of dust collectors are ideal for industrial processes such as bin venting and raw material handling. Compact in size, this baghouse-style system can be installed inside or outside; while minimizing the occupation of  valuable floor space and offers easy access for filter maintenance.

    The BDC dust collector offers high-performance filters that provide efficiency up to 99.999%. Air volumes range from 185 CFM to 5,300 CFM, depending on the process and filter media.


    Features & Benefits

    Two Filter Options—Ensures proper filter to meet your specific requirements.
    Multiple Discharge Options—Allows for convenient dust disposal that matches your plants requirements.
    Custom Air Inlet/Outlet Locations—Placement of inlet and outlet can be specified to meet specific needs.
    Pull-out Tube Sheet—Allows for quick, tool-free filter removal without climbing into unit.
    Springless Pulse Valves—Provides durable, long-lasting performance.
    Vertically Hung Filters—Provides the most efficient cleaning of bags when used in sticky or stringy processes.

  • free standing
  • ceiling-wall mount

    The DA, DB and DBM dust/mist collector removes smoke, dust, oil mist and other pollutants from many industrial processes. Available in three configurations DA, DB and DBM, these media dust/mist collectors capture wet and dry particles.


    DA, DB and DBM media collectors offer multiple filtration options to collect sub-micronic, oil mist substances or odors and gases. These media options hold up to 30% more contaminants than comparable products, resulting in less frequent filter changes and lower maintenance costs.

    Air volumes range from 650 CFM to 3,600 CFM, depending on system configuration.


    Features & Benefits

    Motor/Blower—Provides air movement with a complete belt drive motor/blower assembly.
    Minihelic Gauge—Indicates when filter needs changed, allowing for peak airflow, efficiency and filter life.
    Outlet Vanes—Adjust to create an airflow pattern for your particular requirements.
    Cabinet—Constructed of 16-gauge steel with hinged door to provide access to collection components.
    Powder-Coated Finish—Eletrostatically applied paint prevents fading and chalking.

  • portable bag

    The PCT portable dust/mist collector captures smoke and fumes at the source. Equipped with flexible a swing arm and unique parabolic hood, the PCT provides optimum movement from one application to another.

    The PCT offers multiple filtration options with efficiencies up to 99.9%. Choose from standard bags, HEPAs and oil bags to fit your unique plant process. Air volumes range from 600 CFM to 1,200 CFM.


    Features & Benefits

    Parabolic Swing Arm Mouth—Captures contaminants at the source.
    Minihelic— Gauge—Indicates when filter needs changed, allowing for peak airflow and efficiency.
    Industrial Grade Casters—Offers maneuverability to easily adapt to various processes in your facility.
    Filter Access Door—Hinged door makes filter removal and maintenance fast and easy.
    Powder-Coated Finish—Electrostatically applied paint prevents fading and chalking.