These days, many industries require oil-free compressed air in a durable, high quality package. Ingersoll Rand meets these demands with a family of oilless reciprocating air compressors. And oilless means you won't find one drop of oil in the entire crankcase. Outstanding cooling and precision fit mean that our components provide trouble free performance in demanding conditions even when 24-hour continuous duty is required. Our proven service schedule, with periods of extended maintenance intervals, virtually eliminates downtime.



-Stainless steel valves designed for long life and minimum maintenance.

-PTFE rings and rider bands self-lubricating: no oil needed.

-Precision-fit components accurately machined cylinders with coated bores and cast-iron frame offers proven reliability, durability and extended ring life and maintenance intervals.

-Superior cooling systems unique cooling design dissipates heat, enabling 24-hour a day, 125 psig, continuous duty operation.

-Thermal insulator prevents heat of compression from transmitting to piston pin bearings.

-Balanced one-piece crankshaft reduces noise and vibration.

-Single-piece connecting rod long lasting, no-maintenance design.

-Ball and needle bearings grease-filled and sealed to maintain optimum system performance.


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Model #



ASME Receiver Size gal

Capacity scfm @ 100 psig

Dimensions (LxWxH) in


OL25X25 N/A 25 N/A 4 N/A n/a N/A 83.5 N/A 62 x 40 x 44 N/A 1,350 lbs lbs
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