The newly enhanced PNLD II units are heavy-duty industrial drain valves that remove condensate without wasting compressed air.

The pneumatically-powered PNLD II requires no electricity, pre-settings, or manual intervention. Designed to complement all compressed air systems including compressors, filters, water separators, dryers, coolers and receivers, the PNLD II is easy to install and will not clog.

A unique air valve design uses magnetic force to ensure a positive opening and closing that prevents attraction of metal particulate. Then an innovative ball valve support-and-positioning system prevents side-loading which causes premature sealing failure around the valve stem. Finally, a rifle-drilled discharge porting ensures that scale and rust exits through a fully ported 1.3 cm (1/2 in) ball valve.

The result? PNLD II saves enough compressed air to pay for itself in six months or less.


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Model #



Control Air (psi)

Operating PSI

N/A Trap, Condensate 28 oz N/A Low Pressure (LP) N/A 40-130 N/A 300
N/A Trap, Condensate 28 oz N/A Medium Pressure (MP) N/A 55-130 N/A 300
N/A Trap, Condensate 28 oz N/A High Pressure (HP) N/A 55-130 N/A 750
N/A Trap, Condensate 12 oz N/A n/a N/A n/a N/A 200
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