SCA and SCB cartridge dust collectors capture hazardous contaminants from welding processes. Installed above the plant floor, these ceiling-mount units ensure clean air without taking up valuable floor space. This cartridge collector offers a choice of ambient air collection (SCA) as well as source capture (SCB).

SCA and SCB cartridge collectors provide continuous-duty cleaning. An internal pulse cleaning cycle sends brief blasts of air evenly along filters to “pulse off” contaminants, making this ventilation system quieter and easier to maintain than other collectors. The result: longer filter life while saving time and money. Air volumes range from 1,000 CFM to 2,500 CFM, based on ambient or source capture collection requirements.


Features & Benefits

Easy Maintenance Access Doors—“QuickSeal” release doors provide fast filter removal and maintenance.
Optimized Cartridge Cleaning System—Maximizes cleaning power with optimized nozzle and spring-free pulse valve.
External Motor/Blower—Offers easy access for routine maintenance.
Inlet Baffle—Slows air for even distribution and improved cleaning.

Removable Dust Drawers—Offers large-capacity storage for easy particle removal.
Powder-Coated Finish—Electrostatically applied paint prevents fading and chalking.

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Model #

Dimensions (in)



Airflow (cfm)

No. of Swing Arms

Compressed Air Required

No. of Cartridges


SCA (Ambient Air Collection) N/A 39.6" x 45" x 97.8" N/A 3 N/A 230-460/3/60 N/A 2,500 N/A N/A .78 SCF/pulse N/A 4 (1,020 ft.² media) N/A 837 lbs
SCB (Source Capture) N/A 29.6" 45" x 97.8" N/A 3 N/A 230-460/3/60 N/A 2,000 CFM (1,000/arm) N/A 1 or 2 N/A .78 SCF/pulse N/A 4 (1,020 ft.² media) N/A 770 (without arm) lbs
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