Collect dust, smoke and fumes at the source with the XA Extraction Arm. The Model XA arm is extremely easy to position, allowing for optimal placement at the source of generation. Superior to other extraction arms in the industry, the XA arm also provides greater suction due to its obstruction-free internal design and large bell-mouth hood. The large aluminum hood features 360° of grip area for optimal placement, and pivots independently of the arm for ease of positioning during operation.


The XA Extraction Arm is available in 7’, 10’ and 12’ lengths, with 6.3” and 8” diameters. It ships partially assembled in one carton for minimized set up time.



Arc Sensor

Exhaust Fan

Hood Mounted On/Off Switch

Hood with Light Kit

Magnetic Hoods

Wall-Mounting Brackets

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Model #


Arm Diameter

Hood Diameter

Weight (Portable)

Weight (Wall Mount)

XA-607 N/A 7’ (2m) N/A 6.3” (160mm) N/A 14.8” (376mm) N/A 36 lbs (16kg) N/A 37 lbs (17kg)
XA-610 N/A 10’ (3m) N/A 6.3” (160mm) N/A 14.8” (376mm) N/A 37 lbs (17kg) N/A 39 lbs (18kg)
XA-612 N/A 12’ (3.6m) N/A 6.3” (160mm) N/A 14.8” (376mm) N/A 39 lbs (18kg) N/A 42 lbs (19kg)
XA-807 N/A 7’ (2m) N/A 8” (200mm) N/A 16.5” (419mm) N/A 77 lbs (35kg) N/A 79 lbs (36kg)
XA-810 N/A 10’ (3m) N/A 8” (200mm) N/A 16.5” (419mm) N/A 79 lbs (36kg) N/A 84 lbs (38kg)
XA-812 N/A 12’ (3.6m) N/A 8” (200mm) N/A 16.5” (419mm) N/A 82 lbs (37kg) N/A 87 lbs (39kg)
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