As much as 20% to 60% of the energy used to operate compressed air systems is wasted! This is primarily due to operating more compressors than necessary, operating the wrong combination of compressors and/or maintaining elevated system pressures.

Ingersoll Rand X-Series System Automation eliminates waste by managing up to four (4) positive displacement compressors simultaneously. This can include compressors of different capacities, different types, Ingersoll Rand Nirvana 7.5-40 hp (5.5-30 kW) VSD compressors and in any combination.

The X4I has basic control functionality and universal connectivity and will work with your existing compressors, from Ingersoll Rand or any manufacturer, to improve operating efficiency, reduce energy cost and eliminate waste.



Single point pressure control

Programmable sequence, schedule and pressure profile

Priority sequence control

Multiple pressure profiles

Real time programming

Anti-cycling control

Standby and system pre-fill functionality

Power outage restart


Technical Information

Controls up to 4 rotary or reciprocating compressors

Controls IntelliSys, non-IntelliSys and non-Ingersoll Rand Compressors

Controls from one common system pressure

Universal interface: 1 per compressor

Manages Nirvana 7.5 - 40 hp (5.5 - 30 kW) VSD compressors

NEMA 12 / IP54 Enclosure

50/60 Hz standard