BECCA’s manual spray gun cleaning workstation is the Next 70. This unit provides all the tools required for the best manual cleaning and in a large working area. Cleaning is even easier with the BECCA Manual Spray Out capability.


Performance features include:

• Used Solvent Cleaning & Clean Solvent Rinse for superior cleaning & 50% solvent savings

• Hand held solvent flow brush

• Spray out system

• Diaphragm pump

• External compressed air filter/regulator

• Fume extractor dust opening (6”) to exhaust fumes and odors


Options include: Activated Carbon Exhaust Pkg, ENVIROWASH filtration system, TURBO Fluid Line Cleaner System, 5 Gal Cans or 10 Gal Tanks


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 57”H x 26”W x 26” D (1447 mm x 660 mm x 660 mm)

Construction: Stainless Steel Pan

Ultra Powder Coat Finish

Pulse Diaphragm Pump

Easy Use Control Knobs

Weight : 220 lbs. (99 kg)