Becca originated the Combo concept, developing the combination of a paint spray gun cleaner and a solvent recycler to provide the most efficient paint spray gun cleaning system with no handling of waste. This means the mess of pouring containers of waste in the solvent recycler is eliminated from paint spray gun cleaning!



• Reduce your solvent purchases

• Cleans paint equipment thoroughly

• Reduces your hazardous waste generation

• Explosion-Proof certified

• Attractive, durable solvent resistant powder coated finish

• Separate clean and dirty solvent container stations

• Easy valve operated dirty solvent transfer to Solvent Saver Recycler



- Direct Connect: Allowing transfer of solvents between the recycler and the paint spray gun cleaner with no handling.

- Booster Kits: Allows placement of the cleaning system 30 to 50 feet away from the solvent recycler and still transfer fluids.

- Dual Spray Gun Kit: Connects two cleaners to one of our solvent recyclers.

- 10-Gallon Tanks: Provide higher solvent capacity.