Through the distillation process, the solvent is boiled to a vapor and then condensed back into a liquid, leaving the contaminant behind in the tank for recovery. Our solvent still recycling equipment has a tank with a specially designed bag liner, which contains the left-behind residues, is easily and cleanly removed. The collected solvents can be up to 99% pure.


• Reduces your Solvent Purchases

• Reduces Your Hazardous Waste Generation

• Able to process Conventional, Alternative & Waterborne Solvents

• Listed Class I Division 1 Requirements

• CSA Listed to UL2208

• Fully Automated Cycle

• 2 Year Warranty—Longest in the Industry


Product Specifications

Boiler Capacity: HC—6 Gal (27l) / SC-3 Gal (13 l)

Working Temp: 104—393°F (40—200°C)

Heating : Indirect - Thermic Oil

Cooling : Air—Fan

Recovery Rate: 95—100%

Electrical: 220 Volt 1 Phase

Amperage: HC—10 Amp / SC—5 Amp

Dimensions: 43”H x 33”W x 26” D

Construction: Class I Div 1 Explosion Proof, Stainless Steel Tank & Lid, Ultra Powder Coat Finish, One Touch Controls

Operating Time: 3-6 Hours

Weight: 260 lbs.