The key to the PolySep Oil Water Separators’ unrivaled performance is our unique, specially coated Zeolite adsorption media. This proprietary filtration media effectively separates and permanently adsorbs virtually all lubricants, including highly emulsified lubricants like polyglycols, the most difficult lubricants to separate. Competitive systems simply can't handle polyglycols without requiring expensive, oversized separators. From mineral oils, PAOs and polyolesters to diesters and polygycols, the PolySep Oil Water Separator provides the broadest range of performance and efficiency.



-Environmentally sound

-Proven technology removes a broad range of coolants

-Large inlet diffuser allows connection of up to 3 compressors to the unit

-Easy to maintain

-Few moving parts

-Easy to access components


Inlet NPT (in)

N/A 0.5

Outlet NPT (in)

N/A 0.8

Max Water Flow (gal/hr)

N/A 6.9

Max Water Volume (gal)

N/A 30.0

Max Absorbed Lubricant (lb)

N/A 21.0

Dimensions (in)

N/A 34 W x 21 L x 39 H