• Electromagnetic Marking Block (2)
  • air adjusting valve
  • mini alum
  • 3mm pps

    PN 253975

    • PPS Adapter for most RAZOR guns


    PN 253969

    • PPS Adapter for RAZOR Primer & Legacy guns


    PN 289520

    • PPS Adapter for Finex guns FX1000/2000/3000 Series

  • model 7004
  • 2.5 gal dual
  • air quality test kit


    Test compressed air supply to identify causes of refinish problems.

    Not for use in hazardous locations. Test for:

    • Inadequate compressed air supply

    • Compressed air humidity (CAH) level

    • Compressed air contaminants

  • grav feed gun holder

    PN 9894

    • Designed to hold up to four (4) guns

    • Mounts on wall or table


  • grav feed filling station

    PN 9893

    • Designed to hold up to three guns in place while filling

    • Adjustable strainer holder

  • disposable in-line filters

    • Installs easily and reduces paint defects

    • Disposable filter removes contaminants such as moisture and oil that condenses in the air hose between the wall mount filter and spray gun

    PN 8100 - Disposable Filter Blister Pack (2 per pack)

    PN 8125 - Disposable Filter Dispenser (Jar of 25)

  • spray gun lube

    PN 8255 - Spray Gun Lube (0.25 oz, Pack of 6)

    • Keep your spray gun operating smoothly

    • Compatible with all paint materials

    • Convenient, easy to use spray gun lube

    • Silicon free

  • spray gun brush kit

    PN 8260

    • Professional brush kit effectively cleans all model spray gun including HVLP

    • Includes one spray gun lube