• electronic drain valve

    The Ingersoll Rand Electronic Drain Valve (EDV) is a full-feature automatic electronic solenoid drain valve that cost-effectively removes condensate from compressors, receivers, dryers, aftercoolers, filters and drip legs. Each EDV includes an electric drain, manual blowdown valve, and a strainer/ball valve, which prevents debris from clogging the drain valve.



    -Two-year warranty

    -Prevents rusting

    -Eliminates manual draining

    -Maximum pressure of 17.3 bar (250 psi)


  • electric no loss drains

    Ingersoll Rand’s newly-enhanced Electronic No-Loss Drains (ENLs) are heavy-duty industrial drains that remove condensate without wasting compressed air. The ENLs can be attached to a variety of air compressors and accessories. The light weight design makes them easy to install in applications that have minimum available space. With a wide range of valves available, our ENL offerings can accommodate systems from 2.8 - 1415.8 m3/min (100 - 50,000 cfm). The ENLs can also accommodate high pressure systems up to 63 bar (914 psi) and are available in both 115 V and 230 V.



    Power-on indicator

    Test button

    Alarm feature

    Small profile

    Easy installation

    Standard operating pressure to 16 bar (230 psi)

    High pressure offering up to 63 bar (914 psi)


  • Pneumatic No Loss Drains

    The newly enhanced PNLD II units are heavy-duty industrial drain valves that remove condensate without wasting compressed air.

    The pneumatically-powered PNLD II requires no electricity, pre-settings, or manual intervention. Designed to complement all compressed air systems including compressors, filters, water separators, dryers, coolers and receivers, the PNLD II is easy to install and will not clog.

    A unique air valve design uses magnetic force to ensure a positive opening and closing that prevents attraction of metal particulate. Then an innovative ball valve support-and-positioning system prevents side-loading which causes premature sealing failure around the valve stem. Finally, a rifle-drilled discharge porting ensures that scale and rust exits through a fully ported 1.3 cm (1/2 in) ball valve.

    The result? PNLD II saves enough compressed air to pay for itself in six months or less.


  • polysep oil water seperators

    The key to the PolySep Oil Water Separators’ unrivaled performance is our unique, specially coated Zeolite adsorption media. This proprietary filtration media effectively separates and permanently adsorbs virtually all lubricants, including highly emulsified lubricants like polyglycols, the most difficult lubricants to separate. Competitive systems simply can't handle polyglycols without requiring expensive, oversized separators. From mineral oils, PAOs and polyolesters to diesters and polygycols, the PolySep Oil Water Separator provides the broadest range of performance and efficiency.



    -Environmentally sound

    -Proven technology removes a broad range of coolants

    -Large inlet diffuser allows connection of up to 3 compressors to the unit

    -Easy to maintain

    -Few moving parts

    -Easy to access components