• High Pressure Piston Pump
  • Low Pressure Piston Pump
  • High Pressure Diaphram Pump

    With the pneumatic Cobra 40-10 double diaphragm pump, Wagner is treading new paths in surface coating.


    The pneumatically operated double diaphragm pump works with extremely low pulsation, and thanks to its diaphragm technology it needs no packings or wiper rings. The pressure and fluid section is air cooled by the exhaust air from the pneumatic motor, guaranteeing constant performance figures.


    Thanks to the new unique diaphragm technology from Wagner, the COBRA 40-10 is ideal for materials sensitive to shearing and moisture. The design and the perfect suction capabilities of the COBRA 40-10 mean that it is ideally suited for the application of small quantities.


    The benefits:

    - Unique build

    - High flexibility

    - Extremely reliable

    - Proven technology

    - Ideal for materials sensitive to shearing and moisture

    - Ideally suited for the application of small quantities

  • Medium Pressure Diaphram Pump

    Unica 4-270 - an effective alternative to piston pumps


    Unica is an innovative 4:1 pressure ratio diaphragm pump. It has been designed for performance and reliability. Its exceptional power allows UNICA to reach and maintain the highest working pressure level in its segment.

    Furthermore, WAGNER engineers developed an exclusive and patented hydraulic circuit that ensures minimum deformation of and stress on the diaphragms.


    This technology, combined with the special diaphragm concept, ensures an extremely long diaphragm life, even when working under severe conditions.


    The benefits:

    - Superior power 

    - Higher performance 

    - High reliability 

    - Excellent finishing 

    - Sturdy construction 

    - Low shear effect


  • Low Pressure Diaphram Pump

    The low-pressure diaphragm pumps of the Zip range are first choice for high quality pumps.


    This pneumatically operated double diaphragm pumps work with extremely low pulsation. The pumps are equipped with the low icing "Runner" air motor, which is characterized by low air consumption with maximum reliability and performance.



    - Low pulsation thanks to quick operating anti-stall air pilot valve

    - High flow rate 

    - Suitable for many different materials 

    - "Long life" diaphragms

    - Low noise level (integrated silencer)

    - Compact design

    - High suction capacity

    - Wide range of available models


  • Hot Spraying

    Heating up the paint material makes it independent of the ambient temperature and guarantees a high process reliability. Maintaining a warm temperature for the materials reduces their viscosity, brings a distinct improvement in the quality of the atomization and thus in the surface. WAGNER pumps with Thermo-technology can be used in heavy steel construction, in shipbuilding, when processing plastics (e.g. car accessories), in wear proofing, the manufacture of furniture, window production joinery work etc.


    The benefits:

    A reduction in solvents (reduction of VOC)

    Better processing of high viscosity materials

    A reduction of the spraying pressure and less wear

    Less over-spray

    Better atomization

    Shorter drying times

    Excellent flow characteristics

    Homogeneous, smoother surfaces

    Faster degassing