• ks

    KS Series


    FS-Curtis KS Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors provide you rugged dependability with unsurpassed efficiency. Our units are simple to install, easy to maintain and engineered to give you a solid return on your compressor investment.



    High performance

    Energy efficient

    Quiet operation

    Factory Oil Filled

    5 year limited warranty

  • rs

    RS Series



    • Intake filter (heavy duty)

    • High efficiency air end

    • Low loss drive system

    • EPAct efficiency electric motor

    • Across the line starter (50HP-100HP)

    • Y/D starter (125HP-300HP)

    • On-line / off-line with modulation

    • Timed dual control (50HP)

    • 115V control voltage

    • Multi-stage oil separation system

    • Heavy-duty oil filter with by-pass

    • Oil level sight glass

    • Mixing three-way oil thermostat

    • Side-by-sde oil / air cooler

    • Air cooled

    • Rigid base with forklift slots

    • Multi-level safety systems

    • Pressure relief valve

    • Factory fill synthetic oil

  • se

    SE Series



    • Powder coat painted enclosure

    • Laminated oil-proof sound insulation

    • Keyed (3) side panels SE 20-50, (4) side panels SE 5-15

    • Washable cabinet pre-filtration panels

    • AIMS Plus™ symbol logic controller

    • Heavy-duty air intake filter

    • BSA airend SE 20-50, encapsulated airend SE 5-15

    • 115V Control voltage transformer

    • Auto-tensioning belt drive system

    • Spin-on oil filter and air/oil separator

    • TEFC EPAct rated motor

    • Wye-Delta motor starter SE 20-50, full-voltage motor starter SE 5-15

    • Multi-function inlet valve

    • Closed inlet starting

    • Multi-function discharge valve

    • Multi-tier vibration isolators (chassis-to-enclosure and enclosure-to-floor)

    • LubePlus 8000 synthetic lubricant

    • Air cooled oil cooler and aftercooler

    • Moisture separator with automatic drain