• PC Models

    Great for Paint, Gasoline and Other Flammables!


    WILRAY PC and PCS model safety cabinets provide a safe, rugged, convenient way to store flammables in their original bulk containers - right where you need them.

  • PAC Models

    Ideal for Storing Aerosol Cans, Spray Bottles, Pints, Quarts and Gallons!


    WILRAY PAC and PIC models add more shelves, adjustable for convenient storage of all those other flammable materials your workers need on a daily basis.

  • PDC Models

    Easy Storage of Flammables in Drums up to 55 Gallons!


    WILRAY PDC and PDCS models make it easy to store large containers of liquids near work areas.  Horizontal models come with drum cradles while the vertical models offer lots of room for pumping inside the cabinet.