• Heat Cleaning Oven

    GO Series



    -Improve your productivity. Improve part quality. Reduce labor costs.

    -Eliminate your chemical waste disposal and liability problems.

    -Strip tough coatings quickly and easily.

    -Safe, effective annealling of copper wiring and removal of insulation



    -Powerful, heavy-duty oxidizer (afterburner) eliminates hydrocarbon emissions.

    -Absolutely safe, with precise, microprocessor-controlled temperatures.

    -Unique design features ensure uniform heat.

    -No chemicals, no mess, no waste disposal and no pollution.

    -Heavyweight construction for long service life.


  • Heat Cleaning Oven (4)

    GP Series



    -Clean polymers quickly and easily from your molds, breaker plates, static mixers, screws, spinnerets, die tips and tooling.

    -Reduce downtime with fast, efficient cleaning of your injection molding and extrusion tooling.

    -Improve your productivity. Improve coating quality. Reduce rejects.

    -Eliminate damage with safe and efficient cleaning.



    -Parts are heated from underneath the load cart (parts do not come in contact with the heat source)

    -The main process chamber heats parts up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (540 degrees Celsius).

    -Decomposing hydrocarbon fumes enter the oxidizing chamber.

    -The oxidizing burner eliminates hydrocarbons at 1,450-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit (788-870 degrees Celsius).

    -Pollution-free air leaves the refractory-lined, self-supporting stack.