• Industrial Cabinet Oven

    These chambers are designed to meet your most demanding needs. Our precision engineering, heavy duty construction and exceptional performance along with a variety of airflow patterns and optional equipment provide the right solution for your heat processing requirements. Standard sizes range from 3.3 cuft up to 96 cuft and standard temperatures up to 650F. For chambers above 650F please inquire about our HT series cabinet ovens.


    Standard Features:

    - UL Listed control enclosures

    - Designed to NFPA 86

    - TEFC motors (Totally enclosed fan cooled)- for harsh environments and long life

    - Controls- All digital, microprocessor, thermocouple input temperature controller

    - Circuit breakers on motor in lieu of fusing- Easy troubleshooting , no fuses required for motors

    - Batch Timer- Shuts heat off at the end of a timed cycle (on models with single set point controllers only)

    - SSR or SCR power controllers

    - Pressure differential switches- In the event of the loss of air the heating system will shut down

    - High volume recirculation blowers or fans

    - 8lb density mineral wool board insulation

    - Voltage specific (on all models 27 cuft and up only)

    - Aluminized interior (on all models 27 cuft and up only, the 3.3, 5.8 and 8 cuft models have stainless interiors)

    - Incoloy sheathed heating elements

    - Silicone gaskets (on 500F models)


  • BT222 Main

    Lab Ovens and Bench Ovens are used for a variety of applications, like curing, drying, aging, testing, annealing, pre-heating, baking, finishing, and other processes.


    Typically, they are used on a table or bench; but depending on size requirements these ovens can even be floor mounted. Our custom designs can accommodate any laboratory or work setting.


  • Walk-In Oven

    Walk In Ovens are accessible by walk in and drive in and can be customized with shelving, racks and/or carts to accommodate your application. While our
    Walk In Ovens are custom-made, they do have some things in common:


    - Dependable

    - Safe

    - Energy Efficient

    - Quality Built