• v series

    Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Value

    V-Series delivers the Best Available Value for lower-volume make-up air needs in a range of applications from kitchen and food service through industrial processing and wastewater treatment. Value-added advantages include: Unsurpassed Economy, Application Versatility, Low-Maintenance Durability, and Exceptional Product Support.


    With value-driven design excellence, V-Series systems can provide 100% fresh make-up air, heated with either natural or propane gas or optionally cooled with either cooling coils or evaporative media. Impressive standard features combine with select options to set new standards in cost, content, and performance.



    Capacities from 800 to 13,000 CFM

    100% Fresh Air Heated or Cooled

  • aa series

    Direct-Fired Heating & Ventilating

    AA-Series provides simplicity, economy and versatility for meeting both make-up air needs and space-heating & ventilating requirements. These gas-fired “draw-through” designs maintain uniform airflow across the burner to ensure maximum fuel efficiency as well as constant air-delivery volume. Natural gas or LP gas can be used.

    With multiple sizes and discharge configurations, AA-Series is a popular choice for restaurant, commercial, and industrial applications. Various airflow and control options are used on different return-air models, a variable-volume model, and a spray-and-bake (paint finishing) model. All are available with ETL Certification to current ANSI Design Standards



    Heating Capacities from 200 to 6,000 MBH

    Airflow Capacities from 800 to 50,000 CFM

  • r series

    Direct-Fired Heating & Ventilating

    R-Series offers the Best Available Technology for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality (IAQ) in make-up air and heating and ventilating applications. These systems deliver “total air management” by introducing a slightly positive pressure to reduce heat stratification and limit infiltration of cold air, dust and dirt.


    With “green engineering” a mandate, innovative R-Series is an excellent choice. R300 models offer low first-cost, while R400 models set a new standard for premium construction. Both offer a wide range of facility air-management choices, as well as maximum installation flexibility. The line is ETL-certified to ANSI design standards and offers many options.



    Advanced Energy-Saving Design Excellence

    Capacities to 17,000 MBH and 130,000 CFM

  • s series

    Air-Handling Systems

    S-Series Air-Handling Systems offer optimum application flexibility for industrial heating, ventilating, and make-up air, as well as for total environmental control. As custom-designed “air houses,” these systems are built with specific-need operating sections to meet defined facility air-management requirements.


    With an advanced, modular design approach, S-Series can deliver a range of options for Heat Generation, Cooling or Dehumidification, Humidification, Ventilation & Make-Up Air, Multiple-Stage Filtration, and Supply-Air Discharge. User-friendly PLC controls, enhanced serviceability, quality construction, and exceptional performance are standard.



    Heating & Ventilating

    Total Environmental Control