With the diaphragm drive of the new GA 3000 AC AirCoat automatic guns, Wagner is again setting an innovative high point in surface coating. The diaphragm needs less than 0.3 seconds to open and close, thus providing more than 200 actuations per minute. The fast actuation cycle provides decisive benefits.


Reproducible coating results.

For precise fixing the gun is securely mounted on a base plate (A). The air cap (B) can be fixed horizontally or vertically. Adjustment for the spray jet width is in the base plate.


Process reliability.

The material filter (E), integrated into the base plate, ensures a high a degree of reliability for the coating process. Easy adjustment facilities for the packing (F) from the outside without dismantling the gun.


Optimal adaptation possibilities.

To adapt the gun to water or solvent based materials, a choice can be made between two air caps (B). Blue for water soluble, red for solvent based materials.

Dimensions (LxWxH) in

N/A 5.3 x 2.0 x 3.2

Max Material Pressure (psi)

N/A 2320.6

Max Air Pressure (psi)

N/A 87.0

Weight (oz)

N/A 38.5

Actuation cycles / min.

N/A 200