Equipped with purge nozzles that clean the powder feed system, a powder collection and filtration section for any spilled powder to collect in, and a VibroTable to help ensure proper fluidization on the powder.

Unit of Measure

No. of Guns/Applicable Gun

N/A 4 to 10

Gun Cable

N/A 33 ft10 m

Powder Hose

N/A 33 ft10 m


N/A 15/32 in19/32 in12 mm15 mm

Powder Output

N/A 50 to 250 g/min50 to 450 g/min

Powder Feed Method

N/A Fluidized Bed/Venturi Method

Hooper Capacity/Weight

N/A 275 lbs220 lit

Console Width

N/A 13 in

Console Depth

N/A 29 in

Console Height

N/A 39 in

Console Weight

N/A 177 lbs

Powder Hopper Width

N/A 29 in

Powder Hopper Depth

N/A 29 in

Powder Hopper Height

N/A 39 in

Powder Hopper Weight

N/A 177 lbs

Power Requirements

N/A 0.9 Amps per gun + 1 Amp

Air Requirements

N/A 6.5 cfm per gun + 3 cfm at 80 psi


N/A Parker Ionics